Under Construction
Welcome to the American White Pride Network. Unfortunately, due to the launch of other websites and projects, AWPN is on indefinite hold. Access is limited until we can resume full operations. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or would like to be notified when we begin actively updating the site.

About AWPN

Who We Are

The American White Pride Network (AWPN) is a community of dedicated American Nationalists and activists who work together in order to promote European-American perspectives and to provide an active support network for pro-White advocates in North America. AWPN is opposed to the globalist agenda of unchecked diversity and forced multiculturalism, and we view our activism as a natural and necessary counterbalance to the negative effects globalism creates throughout the world.

AWPN is made up of many different people with a wide range of opinions and views on economic and social issues; and while we don't always see eye to eye on the various issues of today, we do all come together to defend our racialist perspective and to preserve our unique European-American culture, history and heritage. This ability to transcend petty differences and disagreements on non-racial issues and work together to actively promote our ideology is what defines us and separates us from many other pro-White communities.

In short, we are Racialists and we are Nationalists.

What We Are Not

We are neither Right nor Left

No KKK No neo-Nazis No Zionists No Communists No Islamists

While some members consider themselves to be Christian or religious, we are NOT set up as a Christian or religious community.

We are NOT Conservatives, Liberals or Libertarians. Views held by members of our community run the gamut. Some would be considered liberal by today's standards, some would be considered more conservative, and others might be somewhere in between. These labels inside of a multiracial nation are meaningless and have proved to be a hinderance and roadblock to organizing a healthy and viable pro-White voice.